Ritu Bhasin



Authenticity is the key to unlocking empowerment, creativity, innovation, and inclusion.

Ritu Bhasin brings a dynamic energy, an inspiring personal story, a wealth of knowledge, and numerous practical strategies for change to audiences around the globe.


Ritu speaks on the following topics for keynotes, workshops, and other special engagements:


The Three Selves – A New Framework for Being Authentic in How You Live, Work, and Lead

In order to build more empowered, inclusive, and innovative environments, we often encourage our teams and leaders to bring their “whole selves” to work. We know that this is important,because research points to authenticity as a critical component of engagement and well being in the workplace. But how can we reconcile the message to “be yourself” with the simultaneous message to adhere to workplace culture? How can we bring more of our authentic selves, including our differences, to work without compromising our ability to succeed? In this fascinating presentation, Ritu introduces an innovative new framework called the Three Selves, which provides a methodology for choosing how and when to be your authentic self at work while achieving the success and belonging you need to feel engaged, purposeful, and empowered at work.


Daring to Be – A Personal Journey to Living & Leading with Authenticity

Ritu Bhasin didn’t always feel empowered to be an unapologetic, fiercely authentic leader. While her early career was marked by success and she was living the “corporate dream,” Ritu had a startling realization: the person she was showing up as in her day-to-day life bore little resemblance to her authentic self as a woman of color. Because of her experiences with racist bullying as a child, and the resulting fear of judgment she experienced as an adult, she found herself minimizing racial, religious, gender, and class-based aspects of her identity to “fit in” where she felt she didn’t belong.

When she realized that this way of living had a profound negative effect on her well-being and happiness, she decided to live differently. In this compelling presentation, Ritu shares her personal journey of learning how to interrupt the tendency to conform in favor of living, working, and leading more authentically.


Authentic Leadership – Unlocking the Power of Differences in Organizations

In a world where we’re increasingly working and leading across cultural differences, how can we leverage and be more inclusive of these differences? Based on her extensive research and work in this space, Ritu Bhasin says it comes down to authentic leadership, and that authenticity is the key ingredient for inclusion. In this highly practical presentation, Ritu will uncover the profound connection between inclusion, leadership, and authenticity. She will also discuss the latest neuroscience, leadership, diversity, and mindfulness research related to authenticity, how to leverage the Three Selves – an innovative concept for being more authentic and adaptive, and how leaders can build stronger, more inclusive relationships by being more of themselves at work.

  Photo: Della Rollins

Photo: Della Rollins

Rise Through the Authenticity Principle

As we work to build more empowered, inclusive, and innovative workplaces, we need to explore the impact of bias on those who have continuously received negative messaging about their cultural differences. We know from research that experiences of bias cause women and diverse professionals to disproportionately conform and mask aspects of their identities in the workplace– but how can we address this? In this illuminating and inspiring presentation, Ritu uncovers how the practice of authenticity can elevate women and diverse professionals to live, work, and lead in a more empowered way. Specifically, she will reveal how to identify and interrupt your own internalized bias and self-limiting beliefs and behaviors, embrace and leverage your cultural differences, and consistently choose to be more authentic in your interactions.